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Group Overview

Something Group started with Something Co.,Ltd. which is the core business of ground improvement work aimed at residential buildings, under the management philosophy of "Aiming to create new value and to be a business that contributes to society through attentive service.” Later, Something Holdings Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000, taking advantage of the advance into the residential ground guarantee business and developed into a corporate group with business subsidiaries placed under its umbrella. In 2006, we became the only company in Japan to be publically listed as a specialist ground contractor.

Something Holdings Co.,Ltd. plays a role in the business management, planning and the contracting of the financial affairs of our business subsidiaries, business management of the entire group and the development of new business as the pure holding company of this group.

Something Co.,Ltd. is positioned as the core company of this group and has offices in major cities throughout Japan. The business of Something Co.,Ltd. is principally ground improvement work that focuses on residential buildings and small stores. We carry out ground surveys and measurements, ground improvements and also subsidence correction work in houses where irregular subsidence has occurred.

GIR Co.,Ltd. has partnered with a damage insurance company and primarily conducts ground guarantee operations for residential housing. The firm offers Smile Guard, a safety escrow system for house completion, which provides support to The Land, a ground guarantee system, and to the completion of the housing.

Geosign Co.,Ltd. offers the G-Web System which is a residential ground third party certification system for the implementation of ground surveys with electronic authentication. This system prints the latitude/longitude and a timestamp on documentation (such as ground survey reports) and can prevent fraud and tampering before it happens by storing data electronically.


SOMETHING HOLDINGS ASIA PTE. LTD. plays a role in the business management in Southeast Asia.


SOMETHING VIETNAM CO., LTD. is engaged in the business of soil survey and soil improvement in Vietnam.


JAPANEL HOME (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD. is engaged in building the residence made of Wall Precast Concrete in Cambodia.

SOMETHING RE. Co.Ltd., Is conducting a captive business. This company supports the business model of "THE LAND".

Something Shikoku Co.,Ltd. has ground improvement and conduct of business that specializes in residential area of Shikoku.

Something Group

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