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Message from the President

Something Group started with Something Co.,Ltd., which is the core business of ground improvement work aimed at residential buildings, under the management philosophy of "Aiming to create new value and to be a business that contributes to society through attentive service." Later, Something Holdings Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000, taking advantage of the advance into the residential ground guarantee business and developed into a corporate group with business subsidiaries placed under its umbrella. In 2006, we became the only company in Japan to be publically listed as a specialist ground contractor.

Since our establishment in 1997 we have formulated business strategies keeping in mind the three concepts of "Incorporating the needs of the market into the product," "Niche" and "Growth." We have been expanding business from the perspective of "Incorporating the needs of the market into the product," which offers goods and services desired by customers, and we have been proactively developing new and overseas emerging markets where growth is expected. Along with this, we are continuing to evolve and develop as a residential value creation business group that is constantly creating new services.

Something Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Toshimori Mae

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